Geraldton Weighbridge

The new Geraldton weighbridge located off Edward Road, next to the intersection of the Geraldton Mount-Magnet Road, will facilitate the weighing of vehicles and their content to make sure they are complying with their maximum weight allowance. The 4 plate weighbridge has a maximum load of 40 tonnes per plate, and it is the only weighbridge in the area. A traffic management plan has also been designed to make the process fast and easy (please refer to the image below).

Weighbridge Information

Drivers can access the weighbridge through Edward Road. All vehicles must stop at the gate, and the driver must head to reception to sign in before entering.

Public Weighbridge No: PW-0479

  • Registered End to End Measurement Weighbridge
  • 4 Plate Weighbridge with a maximum load of 40 tonnes per plate
  • No Booking Required 

Operating Hours

Geraldton Weighbridge Operating Hours
MONDAY – FRIDAY: 8am – 4pm


You can pay for the service via EFTPOS, cash or through a pre-registered account.

Geraldton Weighbridge Prices
General Weigh: Light Vehicle/Ute, Trailers, Boat, Caravan, Small Truck/Service Truck $40
For Registration: Light Vehicle/Ute, Trailer, Truck, Truck Trailer, Truck Dolly $50
Tare Weigh: Prime Mover + Trailers $70
Gross Weigh: Prime Mover + Trailers $70
Tare & Gross: Prime Mover + Trailers $140